Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life after Molokai

So how much writing can you pack into one week on a remote and gorgeous island in the Pacific? A whole lot, as it turns out, if you’re dedicated enough. I’m not. But the eight writers who joined me for the first annual Molokai writing workshop at Teresa Graham’s lovely home ( buckled down at the keyboard for hours on end, and came up with some real gems. This, on top of readings, discussions, and workshops. Oh, and not to worry, there was still time for swimming, exploring the island (a little) and drinking wine (a lot!)

Now I’m back home in Stehekin, putting away skis, cutting next year’s firewood, getting ready to plant the summer garden, and trying to buckle down with my own writing (rewrites on Test Ride, a handful of new essays, that elusive young adult novel) before the busy season kicks into full swing.

Events on the horizon include the June workshop at Flick Creek, Making Stories Move, a trip to a glacier in July with geologist Jon Riedel (you can check out Jon’s glacier monitoring program at:
and three days teaching at the Whidbey Writers Workshop MFA program’s fall residency